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Purveyors Of Premium.

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Beyond Compare.

Amazing Wines. Premium Beef. Easy-Prep Meal Kits.

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Amazing Wines.

We work hard to find the amazing wines that you haven’t heard of yet, and a few staples as well. Whether you’re looking for big bold flavors or a sweet refreshing Pinot Grigio, we have selected wines that will absolutely impress you.

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Premium Beef.

Premium Beef is where our true passion lies. Whether you are looking for our family’s Albers Beef products or our Lot 279 Dry Aged Reserve, we can assure you that our obsession with quality will be present in every bite.

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Easy-Prep Meal Kits.

Our Meal kits make you look like the gourmet chef that you may or may not be. Thats because aside from throwing it in the pan/oven, its all in the ingredients. At Lot 279 we make sure that only the best goes into producing your Easy-Prep Meal kits.

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