Lot 279 is a unique space in the vibrant Downtown Norfolk.  We are located in a historic three story building, the atmosphere is second to none in the area.  We call ourselves the Purveyors of Premium and we mean it.  Our premium meats, meal kits and wines are always hand selected by our family, We won’t put something on our shelves that we wouldn’t serve in our own home. 

      That leads us to where our passion truly lies, beef.  Our family has been producing grain fed beef since the first decade of the 1900’s.  The Albers Family has been farming in the same area for 5 generations, which is why we truly believe in The Taste of Nebraska Tradition.  

       The Albers Beef Company is the realization of a long term dream of the late Herbert Albers Jr.  Many late nights were spent talking about the great story our family had to tell as beef producers and how that story could be told no better way than through a premium beef brand that showcases our hard work, faith in agriculture and obsession with quality.    

Our Promise

Our family takes tremendous pride in the product that bears our name.  Our customers can count on Albers Beef consistently delivering premium quality, flavorful beef products.   This family is absolutely and totally committed to providing you with an incredible eating experience that you can feel good about.   That’s The Taste of Nebraska Tradition.